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The work of dancer & choreographer Sheryl Murakami has been featured in numerous television shows, music videos, DVDs, national TV commercials and international tours. The creation of her latest dance troop, T(h)rash, is the culmination of many years of hard work and knowing what really works. Miss Murakami founded Thrash as an elite troop of dancers unlike any other. With them, she has created and choreographed a series of shows that are fun, sexy and provocative, yet more than just girls in skimpy outfits on stage. Each performance is layered with story telling that takes the audience on a journey. It is her intention that T(h)rash represents a hilariously uncensored, unapologetic celebration of a woman’s strength, intelligence and sexuality. Thrash’s signature style showcases eclectic, feminine sex appeal … from burlesque to Rock, Blues to Pop.